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introduction to 2010 Yearbook by Christopher Martin-Jenkins“One of the great glories of the extraordinary game of cricket is that it throws up wonderfully interesting, eccentric and talented individuals, both on the field and off it: in the changing room and in the long room, behind the lens and in front of the canvas. Chrissy Pierce, as anyone who has enjoyed her work and appreciated her amazing enthusiasm for the game and its artistry which is such a crucial part of it all, is herself an impressive part of the game. Her own contribution is, in its way, as important to cricket as those highly distinctive and engaging characters she commits so brilliantly to canvas. Few people have been able to incorporate the technique of cricket along with the character and the individual talent and the je ne sais quoi of those who adorn the heights in the record books, as she has been able to do. It is a gift which not only cricket lovers the world over will appreciate, but also those who enjoy and love art in whatever form it manifests itself. Well done Chrissy, she has done it again."
Henry Blofeld,OBE, cricket commentator and author